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EPDM Granule And Installation Of Synthetic Lawn

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These synthetic lawns are made for different sports with the use of artificial grass. These synthetic lawns include tennis courts, bocce courts, golf courses and other multi-purpose courts, which are made to meet environmental and functioning requirements. Synthetic lawns are also made indoor, outdoor, athletic tracks including shockproof flooring of houses to increase the decoration and beauty of a house. The pitches for different sports ground and path of the house are made of EPDM granule which provides elasticity and protects you from UV rays. These EPDM granules are made of rubber granules and special polymers.

Preparing the ground for synthetic lawn

• Spraying the place with weed killer- The first step includes spraying the area with a weed-killing spray to kill all vegetation properties from this area. Spray the ground minimum two weeks before starting your installation because it is important to ensure that all vegetation roots and plantation material is dead in the whole area.

• Removing the top layer of soil- Secondly, you have to remove all existing grass and roots of plants then dig 7 to 10 cm soil by using a small rototiller to make space for new lawn installation. Now let the soil dry for more few days to avoid sagging of soil. Then compact the soil by using a hand tamp or walk over the soil to avoid loose soil make a slight slope for water drainage.

• Prepare drainage for a synthetic lawn- You have to prepare a drainage system if there is no drainage near your lawn and if the surface is very hard or made of concrete.

• Waterproof boarded- border of these types of lawns should be waterproof with a perimeter. You can use a board of plastic bend or can make a concrete border but make sure that the board would not be above of lawn level.

• Weed barrier- You can also add a weed barrier to avoid any growing through your synthetic lawn.

Installation of synthetic lawn

Follow all steps to install synthetic lawn to avoid any loss or damage.

1. Install the base material to smooth the surface.

2. Spread the base material with a landscaping rake.

3. Spread sand and lightly moist the base with water.

4. Spread or the synthetic lawn’s roll on the base side by side.

5. Cut the turf where is needed to cut by using a carpet cutter.

6. Apply synthetic lawn seaming under the edges.

7. Fasten landscaping pin on perimeters.

8. Finally, add infill, brush the lawn and watered it.


Synthetic lawns look beautiful and add decorations if you install these lawns professional without missing any step. It is better to take help of professional to avoid any wastage of time and money. Wetpour Safety Surface Specialists are providing experts for installation of synthetic lawn. We also have the best quality rubber, EPDM granule, safety surface playground, synthetic grass and site work. We also provide repairing services for all relevant work.

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