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All The Benefits Of Swimming

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Swimming is a sport for all ages, so its no wonder that it is one of the most popular sport all around the world. Just stepping into a pool will help to alleviate stress and relax. People swim as a recreational activity or to compete with others, either way there are lots of benefits to swimming.
Swimming is one of the best aerobic activity, even better than running, as the impact on your body while swimming is less in comparison to the impact on your joints when running, so old people with conditions such as arthritis can benefit a lot through swimming.

The reason this activity is a lot safer than running is that the water is slightly less than your body so water would support your body and the force of water on your body is evenly distributed. In addition to this, swimming can be used as a full body work out session since you have to make use of your entire body to stay afloat, 30 minutes of swimming is equivalent to 45 minutes of activity in land so technically, it can be pretty useful to not only elders but for others as well. I mean have you looked at the body of a swimmer, they tend to be tall and have a narrow waist.

Now apart from all the benefits of swimming has, the condition of the pool matters too, a pool that hasnt been maintained well is likely to affect your wellbeing but many places usually have fibreglass swimming pools Melbourne which are much easier to clean and maintain so this wont necessarily be an issue in reputed places but its better to be cautious. Putting just chlorine isnt going to help, thats basically the same as having a bath with soap while your tub is still dirty, chlorine keeps the water clean not the pool.

Keeping your pool clean!

First of all, drain your pool, and remove any debris present using a broom or shovel and then add a cleaning solution. In a bucket of water add TriSodium Phosphate powder, laundry powder, and bleach. Wet the pool and then using a long pool brush apply the cleaning solution and brush. It is preferable to wait around 40 minutes and then brush again with more cleaning solution and then wash with water. Its also better to get someone to evaluate the status of the pool, your better swimming pool builder might be able to refer you to someone if you dont know anyone.
It is advisable to clean your pool at least every few weeks, although its preferable to do it every week thats fine if you dont have the time for it.

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